Our Stay At Hotel Azure Tahoe

**This post is sponsored by Hotel Azure. All words and opinions are my own.**

Tranquil and beautiful is an understatement for not only South Lake Tahoe, but for Hotel Azure. When we arrived at the hotel, I knew immediately, how magical our stay would be! The lake is LITERALLY right across the street from Hotel Azure and the hotel vibe and beauty was so comforting.

Our room was absolutely stunning from the moment we walked in. I was blown away by the size, decor and cleanliness. The room had a living/dining room and separate bedroom which would make it just as perfect for a family to fit in and have comfortable space. The bedroom window offered a generous view of the lake and pine trees as well. From the living room, there was a sliding glass door that led to a patio equipped with furniture and the most amazing view of Lake Tahoe!

The bed was so comfortable! I felt like I was sleeping in my own room. Luxury linens and pillows are not something they skimped on! Waking up refreshed everyday and ready to explore Lake Tahoe was one of my favorite parts of the stay!

Balcony View
Living room
I am not sure about you, but one thing that is important to me when staying away from home is amenities. We love working out so a gym is a must! Hotel Azure has a wonderful workout room with tons of equipment and it overlooks the lake. Who wouldn’t want to workout with a beautiful view?! Next to the fitness center is the game room. Air hockey, foosball, books, board games, sitting area and television. My kids would definitely live in the game room or the beautiful pool right outside! The pool and hot tub were so well kept and I noticed the maintenance man checked the pH levels every morning while cleaning them out! The hot tub on a cool night is what my relaxation dreams are made of!

Hotel Azure is located in a perfect part of town. There are restaurants nearby and the casinos are about a 5 minute Uber ride. I even found a TJ Maxx and Goodwill just minutes away (obviously I had to shop). Heavenly Village was just a few miles away and has tons of entertainment including shopping and the gondola! 
My favorite part? Right across the street lies Lake Tahoe. There is a traffic light with a crossing path right in front of the hotel. We found stairs that led down to the lake and crystal blue waters. I am not even kidding when I say you can see right to the bottom! Perfect for summer since there are numerous beaches nearby! 
I am quickly counting down the days to start planning our next vacation to South Lake Tahoe! Hotel Azure is absolutely the place we will stay again and seeing how family friendly it is, we might even take the kids this time! (BIG MIGHT, kids free vacation was so needed!) I would highly recommend them to anyone! Dogs even stay free! 
Can’t wait for our next visit!

Kids Free Vacation List

Traveling is something I have always wanted to do more of and haven’t been able to do too much of. I was lucky enough to live in Hawaii for close to a year and lived the ultimate vacation. Beach trips daily, perfect hiking trails and views no matter where I went. So many amazing food options on sites to take in. 

I can’t wait to visit more beautiful places and feed my soul the beauty that the world has to offer. Payton and I have devised a list of our top 5 places that we want to travel together(kid free). We obviously want to go to so many more places, but we figured it was best to start with 5 and once we cross those off, add onto it.

– Santorini, Greece

Santorini a volcanic island known for the dramatic views, iconic architecture, and glittering waters. The sunsets are described as magical and breathtaking. Sanatorini is home to some of the oldest vineyards in the world. Wine in paradise, yes please. The best time to visit is between April and November so one of these summers, catch us in Greece! It has always been a dream destination for me. I am so happy that my amazing man wants to share the experience with me. 

– South Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada

Lake Tahoe is known not only as a ski town, but for its beautiful beaches and crystal blue waters. Home to some of the most beautiful hiking trails and waterfalls! We have been talking about visiting for awhile now and can’t wait until the day comes that we do! Spring, summer, winter and fall are all perfect times to visit!

– Washington and Oregon coast

We actually had a trip planned to Boise for Memorial day and fire season kick off this past year, but had to cancel last minute when our custody case began. After Boise, we had planned to drive to Seattle then down the coastline of Washington and Oregon. Although I have previously lived in Washington, I didn’t get to explore the coast and have always wanted to and it has always been a dream of Payton’s. Fingers crossed for next year!

Assateague Island, Maryland/Virgina

So growing up as a child, I read these stories about an island with wild horses. As a child who grew up with horses, these were my favorite books! Little did I know such a place really does exist. Assateague Island is known for wild horses bathing on the beaches. Sooooo this is one of my top travel dreams and in hand, Payton now gets to live it with me 🙂

– Mammoth Lake, California

Payton has been to Mammoth, but I haven’t. It is somewhere we would love to go together! Summer offers so many amazing hiking opportunities and winter looks like it would be so absolutely magical. Mammoth is known for its breathtaking views and amazing skiing. No matter the time of year we go, neither one of us can wait!


State Park Bucket List – First 5

Traveling is something we haven’t done enough of and can’t wait to do more of! With 5 kids, it is pricey and less of a vacation on us, but they memories are unforgettable. We have a list of places we want to take the kids, but are hoping to start with State Park destinations since we all love nature and the outdoors so much!

Grand Canyon 2016 

Read on for our First 5 Bucket List State Park Vacations –

1. Channel Islands National Park
Who wouldn’t love to visit a national park AND see the ocean? Maybe not as exciting for those that are near the beach or ocean and see it frequently! For us, it would be such an amazing and breathtaking experience!!

They offer boat trips, an animal sanctuary and are even known for blue whale sightings!

2. Redwood National Park
Trees, trees, trees! I have always wanted to see the grand trees that are present in the Redwood National Park! I know that the kids would absolutely love to see the GIANT trees! The Redwood National Park is known for having the tallest trees in the WORLD!

The end of Redwood National Park, Fern Canyon, even has a creek the kids can play in!

3. Everglades National Park
Swamps, wetlands and alligators! The kids would totally FREAK out to see a REAL life alligator! I have always wanted to take them on an airboat to explore! Not sure if I would be more excited or them!

The Everglades offers guided tours, birdwatches, air boat tours, canoes and even bike rentals and trails!

4. Zion National Park
With 15 miles of canyons, there is tons of room for the entire family to explore the red and tan colored natural wonder that Zion National Park has to offer. With as much space as Zion offers to explore, the entire family will be able to find something to love about Zion National Park!

Zion offers many many paved hikes and swimming/splashing areas for the family. To top it all off, there is a free shuttle!

5. Yosemite National Park
California/Nevada Boarder
747,000 acres of clear streams, waterfalls and cliff is just some of what Yosemite National Park has to offer visitors! This is a park that has been on my personal bucket list for years! I can’t wait to explore it with the family!

Once we make it to these State Parks, we will be adding more (lets not overwhelm ourselves hahah)! Can’t wait to share our experiences with you as we get to visit!!!

– Laura