Fun & Tasty Spring M&M Cake

I recently did some work with M&M’S® Orange Vanilla Creme Candies (available only at Dollar General) on some Instagram posts and decided I would write a blog on my cake and how I made it. Please note, this blog post is in no way sponsored or endorsed, though the candy was send to me as an Instagram sponsored post.**

For this cake, you can make it as easy or as difficult as possible! You can buckle down and make a coke from scratch (my preferred method), grab a box from the store to make, or even purchase pre-made cake from your local grocery store! If you purchase a pre-made cake, make sure the icing is a solid color, as you can see, I did mine with white icing. I am sure chocolate would be just as good and the M&M’S® Orange Vanilla Creme Candies may even POP a bit more!

I simply baked the cake (I did 2 round cake pans and layered it) and let it cool. Once my cake had cooled, I iced the center of each cake and around the top and outsides. Once that was done, I grabbed my bag of M&M’S® Orange Vanilla Creme Candies and put them around the top and outsides. I didn’t worry about any particular pattern, just make sure you do every other one. 

Once it was COMPLETELY covered in M&M’S® Orange Vanilla Creme Candies, I let it sit to “dry”. This way the M&M’S® can basically bond and you do not have to worry about them falling off of your cake!

Now, ENJOY!!! And FYI, these M&M’S® Orange Vanilla Creme Candies are ONLY available at Dollar General, for a limited time, while supplies last! Do NOT miss this opportunity. 

– Laura