30 Positive Affirmations For Daily Use

Negative thoughts not only bring you down mentally, they effect how we deal with every situation we encounter. Entering a difficult situation with a negative mindset tends to give you a difficult outcome. Entering a positive situation with negative thoughts in the back of your mind will hinder your ability to fully feel joy. Not only does it bring us down, it brings down the people around you.

Starting new years, I made a promise to myself to work on my mindset. After probably the most difficult year of my life, my mindset was not in the right spot. I was a beacon for negative thoughts and energy. I knew that I was entering a point where I didn’t feel worthy of positive energy. The first thing I needed to do was realize that was the negative taking over.

I found that waking up everyday and turning my negative thoughts into positive thoughts made me approach every day and every moment of the day differently. In moments I would normally feel discouraged, I found myself feeling stronger.

Please note, I NEVER miss a day in taking a moment to myself in the morning to be positive. So today, I am going to share some of my favorite positive affirmation that I use daily. And know, you don’t have to use these ones, you can create your own as you go!

 30 Daily Affirmations

1. I am worthy of happiness. 

2. I will find happiness in all aspects of my life.  

3. I will be thankful for situations that make me stronger. 

4. I will not compare my life to others. 

5. I am in charge of my life. 

6. I deserve what good comes my way today.

7. Today is going to be a good day. 

8. I will not only create joy for myself, I will spread it to others. 

9. I will trust my judgement. 

10. My thoughts do not control me, I control my thoughts. 

11. I can do whatever I put my mind to with hard work and determinations. 

12. Live is a blessing. I am grateful for everyday and every situation I incur. 

13. My potential is limitless. 

14. I will live in the moment. 

15. I am enough, I will always be enough. 

16. I am strong enough to face my fears. 

17. I will celebrate each goal I accomplish. 

18. I will push myself to be the best me I can be. 

19. Everyday is a new beginning.

20. I appreciate those who love me and those I love. 

21. I am thankful for difficult times for leading me to today. 

22. I will forgive myself for past decisions I am not happy with. 

23. I will open doors to new opportunities. 

24. I will love myself today and everyday.

25. Everything I do, I will do with positive thoughts.

26. Each day I will allow myself to grow. 

27. I will find joy in even the smallest things today and everyday. 

28. I will continue to strive to be the best role model for my children. 

29. Today I will have energy to accomplish all of my goals. 

30. I am thankful to be healthy and alive.

As you can see, the options for positive thoughts is endless. Starting you day with just a few, leads you to have the mentality to use the same thought process throughout your day. When you find yourself facing a challenge, take a moment to think. Take a moment to be thankful and to find positives in it. Although the outcome will always be different, radiating positivity throughout each and every step keeps your spirit and energy up. 

I would love to hear if you are using these and how you like them!


The Destiny I Have Planned For Myself

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 year? Next year? Who gets questions like these frequently?

Growing up, I was always taught to have goals and a future planned for myself. As an adult, I have carried that with me. I al7ways have goals and future boards set to remind myself where I want to be. When it comes down to it, we are in control of how our lives turn out. I am a firm believer, despite my luck lately, in only getting what you put into things.

All of that being said, I am going to dive in and share with you where I would like to see my life over different spans of time. In a blog coming up, I will share some of my goals that I plan to use to execute these visions.

One Year

This year is a big year for me. Not only am I aging (way too quickly), this is my first year ONLY blogging for income. This year, I see my blog doubling in views and followers. I see my content connecting with more and more people and broadening as I travel and cook more.

On the home front, by this time next year, I see my student loans paid down, the kids accelerating in sports and our schedules calming down as our custody case comes to a close. Our back yard will be completely landscaped and we will have replaced the entire fencing on our 1/2 acre lot. Even more exciting? We will have a puppy and one new kitten by this time next year.

And lastly, Payton will be Captain. 

Five Years

You guys, in 5 years, I will be turning 40. That is right, 40! It is hard to imagine that I am this old. I will have an almost 17 year old daughter and my boys will be almost 15, 13, 11 and 7. How crazy that is to think of!

I see everyone excelling in sports and academics and picking out colleges for Makenzee. Having older kids means Payton and I will be able to travel more. By this time, we are building a new home on our dream lot. This lot has enough room for a couple of horses and cattle to raise (and eat). We now have 2 dogs and no other pets. Keegan is excelling in school and we have successfully found more ways to cope with his autism as he has grown.

I am still blogging. I assume by this time, Instagram Influencing will be more of a thing of the past. By this time, I have completed my book (surprised? I know I haven’t shared that goal). I haven’t had Botox, but my skin is still good due to care. I have gotten my autoimmune disease under control and no longer suffer from hives. Payton and I are possibly married at this point (that is more of a financial decision than a necessary vision). We are all very happy.

Ten Years

Lets talk ages then! I will be turning 45. My kids will be almost 22, 20, 18, 16 and 12. If that isn’t an eye opener at how fast time goes, I am not sure what is.

By this time, we have traveled to several different countries (even Greece). We still live the the home we built, but are selling it because the kids are moving out and we don’t need as much space AND we are getting old, we don’t want to maintain such a large home on our own. We have decided to builder a smaller cabin style home for ourselves and the 2 kids left at home. Caleb and Connor are still in college and Makenzee is graduating this year.

Payton and I have paid off most of our debt by now and have started a foundation to raise awareness and help for women dealing with men who have manipulated the court systems.

At this point, Payton is closer to retirement (it is much younger for fire fighters) and we are planning our life after retirement. I am not that far yet, it depends so much on how the next few years pan out.

Have you sat down and thought about where you want your life to be? I always love reading other people’s perspectives and life plans! Reach out and share yours with me if you have it typed out, I would love to read it.

– Laura

Self Love A-Z – Describing Myself In 26 Word

This week, my blogging group has decided that our topic is going to be describing ourselves using the letters of the alphabet. For each letter, we will find a word that correlates with it. I found this topic especially difficult, even though I am working on self love, really sitting down and doing this is an entirely different story. This is something I have struggled with for years, an emotionally abusive marriage left me with a battered and torn self esteem.

So here it goes friends, are you ready?

A – Appreciative 
A is for appreciative. I know it isn’t exactly the best descriptive word, but it means a lot to me to be thankful and realize what other people selflessly do in my times of need. Not only that, I am so appreciative of the life I live and am able to live, it is so much of who I am.

B – Beautiful

I understand and I know how generic that answer is. I really wanted each of my words to be unique and really make you think. That being said, realizing that I am beautiful in my own way has been a HUGE struggle for me. To be at a point in life where I can see the things that are beautiful about myself is so important.

C – Courageous

This is another one that hasn’t always been easy for me. As a child and a teenager, I held so much courage, nothing scared me, nothing intimidated me. After my marriage, I was so battered and torn down mentally, I realized how my mindset had changed. To know now how hard life has been the last 10 years, and how I have handled it with so much courage, strengthens me even more now.

D – Damaged

I mean this is the best way possible. I am damaged, but I have used it to mold myself into what I believe is a good person who cares greatly about others and believes in herself.

E – Eager

I am eager about so much, the future, growing, learning – you name it.

F- Faithful 

I pride myself in knowing that I am not only faithful to myself and my beliefs, I am faithful to my friends and in my relationship.

G – Generous

I have, and will always be, the type of person that would give the shirt off my own back. If I had one sandwich and someone else hadn’t eaten, I would give mine to them.

H – Happy

This one, wow. It is so very basic, but so in-depth for me. It has taken a tremendous amount of time
to say that I am truly and genuinely happy with myself and my life.

I – Important

Sometimes, as a stay at home mom, it can be difficult to remember and feel this, but at the end of the day, I know how important I am to so many people.

J – Jubilant

I haven’t always been proud of myself or where I am at in life, but this word perfectly describes how I feel about me and my family.

K – Kindhearted

This one is important to me. I have always been extremely kindhearted and caring towards others and their needs.

L – Lively

I have times where I am such an introvert, but at the same time, I can be so lively and fun! It is one of my favorite things about myself.

M – Mother

Generic again, I know, but it is so much of who I am and what is important to my in life.

N – Nourishing

I feel like this just goes along with being a mom. 

O – Open Minded

In a world full of close minded people, I take a sense of pride in knowing that this is part of who I am. I have friends and family from all walks of life and love and respect them for who they are and who they pick to be.

P – Perfectionist

Heyyyyy….Virgo here, enough said.

Q – Quiet

If you knew me, really knew me, you would know what I mean by this. Quiet is my favorite time. I love waking up early in the morning and taking moments in quiet to reflect on my upcoming day and just to be.

R – Radiant

I believe, really believe, when someone is truly happy in life, their radiance shines and shows. In my eyes, this is how I see myself.

S – Simple

Many probably don’t know this if they don’t really know me. Behind a keyboard, people get such different ideas about you, does that make sense? I am the girl who thrift shops, loves home made meals, makes crafts and wants to stay home 90% of the time. I never pay full price for clothes, if it isn’t on the sale rack at TJ Maxx or Ross, I am not getting it (LOL).

T – Transparent

I am not someone who tries to hide their past or who they really are. I am an open book.

U – Unafraid

This goes in line with many others already listed. This is who I am now that I have regained my confidence.

V – Vigorous

Over time, I have become a person who is mentally strong in the things I do. I take so much pride in this.

W – Worthy

Something I doubted myself in at a point in life. I know know and believe, I AM WORTHY.

X – Xenodochial

I had to look this letter up. I found this not only describes me well, but some dogs as well. Random, I know, but true.

Y – Youthful 

I will forever feel like I am younger than I am. Is time going by too quickly or do I have too young of mentality?

Z – Zesty

Kinda like salsa, but in human form.

I have to admit, that was more fun than I had expected! Have you ever sat down and tried to come up with one word for each letter in the alphabet to describe something? If so, reach out to me and share it with me!

– Laura

Noturaverage Simple Ways To Make Self Care A Priority

Let’s face it, sometimes as moms, when we are busy and overwhelmed, self care is the first thing we push to the back burner. Why do we do this? Why do fail to realize that putting ourselves last is really putting everyone else last as well. Our natural instinct, as care givers, is to put other people’s needs in front of our own. What we don’t realize is how we are hurting EVERYONE by doing this.

A mom who is extra tired, feeling down, unfit, eating unhealthy or mentally strained needs a refresh. Putting yourself first, in regulation, helps you have the energy and strength to take care of everyone else! Think of it this way, when you take the time to eat healthy foods that fuel your body and not fast food, how much better do you feel? I have to say, I spent many years not caring what I put into my body! I recently started making it a priority, in simple easy ways, and WOW! The change is insane.

So, I have decided to put together 10 super simple and attainable ways to take care of yourself. These are things you can quickly and easily do every day that will not only make you feel better emotionally, but help you physically as well.

1. As mentioned already, food is key! Really, I know processed foods and a quick bite when out seems like the simpler option. WRONG! These foods are harder for your body to digest! You are assisting in exhausting your self EVERYDAY you eat these foods. Two times a week, I meal prep EASY and healthy foods for myself. I procrastinated doing this for YEARS, why? Literally, pure laziness. I felt meal prepping took longer. I was so wrong and if you are living this way, you are too.

When meal prepping, I not only prep my lunches, but I pre-prep veggies for dinner and to go with my breakfasts!

2. Wake up early. Seriously? YES! I wake up before my kids every day! I sit down and make myself a daily to-do list or take a look at our weekly/monthly list and see what I can do to get it done. Crossing things off of a list is soooo satisfying for me (VIRGO here). If this isn’t a huge deal to you, think of it this way, getting things done and seeing your progress is SO important for mindset. Trust me, starting your day off organized, will make you feel way better.

3. Daily affirmations are a real thing. Ok, Laura in the past, would read this and call whoever is writing this dumb. I am serious, that is how small minded and unbelieving I was in the power of positivity. WRONG again I was. Every morning, before the kids get up, after I work on my lists, I made a new list. This list is positive thoughts about myself and things I am thankful for. When everything is going wrong, which is all the time if you are me, it is important to remind yourself of these things. I do it daily to start off in the right frame of mind.

4. Make sure to get some sort of exercise in. This is a huge struggle for me. When I don’t work out, I don’t feel as good and being under a year in on a total hip replacement (leading to hives and autoimmune disease) has made this IMPOSSIBLE some days. Even on those days I try to do something, anything, to get myself moving a bit. When I am in a bad flare, I do just a bit of core work or arms only. Your workout does not have to be hours long and this huge sweat sesh! I try to get my workouts done in the morning when Payton is working, on his days off, we like to work out in the evening together. My workouts are SHORT. I do not over push my body because of my health issues, but I DO get it moving! Sometimes I do only a mile on the bike or treadmill. Some days I take the kids to the park and chase them around. I have to say, my favorite workouts are my kid free ones, but no matter what, I do SOMETHING.

5. Get up and get ready everyday. Do not sit in your pajamas, this will never help you feel motivated. Get dressed! It doesn’t have to be fancy or special or anything. Some days, my getting dressed is yoga pants and a big shirt, some days its a super cute outfit. No matter what I get dress, I brush my hair, I do my makeup, I get ready! Trust me, this will make you feel so much better, even if you do not plan to leave the house.

6. Girl, Wash Your Face. No really, I know we all love the book, but I  mean this, WASH your face. Put lotion on every night. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF, skin included. Make it a routine to wash the day away before bed every night and morning. You won’t regret this one.

7. Speaking of the book, read it, and other books! You don’t have to read for hours a day either. Just read a chapter, or a few pages, whatever you can do. Set your phone down and FEED your mind. It is so good to step away for a bit and get lost in a book. And no, it does not have to be a self help style book! I love mysteries and read them ALL the time!

8. Say “no” to people! This one is hard for me, REALLY hard for me. I naturally want to help everyone and it, at one point in my life, was impossible to say no to anyone. Maybe that is how I ended up on such an abusive marriage? Who knows. When I finally started loving myself and putting myself and my needs on the radar, I started finding it easier to say “no” when I just can’t.

9. Have some alone time. I know all of you aren’t stay at home moms like myself. I used to work full time (up until my hip replacement, April 2019) and even that was stressful and didn’t give me time alone. The “away” time was full of work pressures. Time to yourself can seem impossible, I know, I don’t even go to the grocery store alone anymore! But it doesn’t have to be out of the house! Take a bath, get your workout in, wake up early, whatever you find the best way is, do it!! Even if it is just scrolling Pinterest alone for an hour!

10. LOVE YOURSELF. Let me say it again, love you! I don’t feel I need to really tell you why this is important and I can’t tell you how to do this. You have to find a way to realize just how amazing and special you are. DO IT!

So I know, 10 things to do everyday seems like a lot, right? It isn’t. Some of these take just a few minutes. A few minutes that you will spend on Instagram (ME), a few minutes that you will sit in an unhealthy state of mind stressing (AGAIN, ME), a few minutes that you will blankly stare at the TV (ME, AGAIN). Take the time and DO IT! It takes 30 days to create a habit, make you your habit.


Why I want To Focus On Being The Same This Year

That is right my friends, this year my focus isn’t about changing myself, it’s about accentuating who 
I already am. 
2019 has gone down in the books as one of the hardest of my life. It started with a broken hip and ended with 3 broke down vehicles and an autoimmune flare up. We bought a house in April, the same month I had my hip replacement and the same month the kids were taken and the custody battle began. I have lived daily with hives and autoimmune issues since my surgery which triggered it all. Court has drug out all year and finances became a mess due to everything. 
2020, I have many goals for myself and my family. We can’t wait to put this difficult year behind us and move forward, hoping for some closure to our custody case. Read on to see my year goals outlines. 

With how crazy life has been this year, getting our new home completely organized has been next to impossible. I feel like we kind of just put things places, not exactly where we want it. Does that make any sense. LOL! We have already spent the last few weeks starting this, but it is difficult with a family of 7. 
Chore Schedules

We believe in teaching the kids responsibility and accountability. They currently have chores, but I would like to tie down their schedule in it a bit more. They tend to be a bit lazy and sloppy with the things that they do. We are really trying to teach them to take care of things and take pride in what they have, chores and learning to take care of things is so important for that. 

A few months ago, I began seeing a holistic doctor for my hives and autoimmune issues. I found that modern medicine and doctors didn’t want to take the time to actually heal within, it is covering things with prescriptions and blowing it off. My new doctor clarified the importance of diet. While following the Whole 30 diet, I found food plays into how I feel so much. My goals for the year is to really stick to this diet and be cautious of what I put into my body. 
Pay off debt

The funny thing about buying a new house and paying for attorneys, it costs. I really want to focus on paying off as much debt as possible this year and being more money cautious. 
Home Improvements

We had tons of stuff we wanted to do to our home, but that obviously costs. We got several of the lower cost things done, but would love to do some of the bigger things. The biggest would be to upgrade the fence on our property from chain link to wood. 
New Vehicles

I should clarify, new used vehicles. All of our vehicles are paid off, but like I said before, all have been having issues. Our mechanic came out and was able to do some small repairs to get 2 running ok for a while, but the bigger repairs cost more than the vehicles. We need to upgrade, but I refuse to have the payment that a new car brings. 

With a broken hip and a hip replacement, working out hasn’t been the easiest. I want to really get into a fitness routine this year. I would also love to take more time to hike. 
Have More Fun

We try to do fun activities as frequently as possible, I would really like to find more time to do this not only just Payton and I, but with the kids too! Whether it is some things as small as a trip to the lake, or weekend getaway, I want it to be a priority. 
That is about it for now, but I frequently add goals to my list as time goes on so I am sure throughout the year, I will find several more things I would like to accomplish throughout the year. 

My Struggle With Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety. It is like this dark cloud that can follow you around. Few want to admit or acknowledged it’s existence, but there it is, looming. Admitting we have it gives us even more anxiety and ignoring it can make it difficult to do anything.

It wasn’t easy to admit that I suffer from social anxiety. It started as just flat out anxiety. I had never suffered from it and didn’t even realize what it was. I noticed my issues with anxiety after Makenzee was born, my first child. I was a single mom and was terrified of everything. I couldn’t stand the thought of someone else driving her in a car, struggled with working and a social life because I was afraid to leave her with anyone and slept near her all the time. I had read too many books on SIDs. Spiders, scorpions, and anything and everything terrified me. Lets face it, I was literally insane and had no idea.

Fast forward a eleven years, I have 5 total kids now. I am divorced. My marriage was toxic and controlling. I have met an amazing man now who supports me to the max. I am happy.

I don’t have daily anxiety anymore, been there, seen that at this point. What I have now is social anxiety. At one point I was fun. I enjoyed socializing, going out on the town and talking to my friends. Now, I really keep to myself an prefer spending time with my family.

The social anxiety comes in hit or miss. I frequently feel like I am going to be judged. I spent many years in a marriage with someone who convinced me that I would never be good enough and with 4 kids with 2 dads, no one would like me or want me. That has stuck in my head more than anyone reading this can fathom. Imagine upping it to 5 kids, 3 dads and an amazing man that you most times, you can’t understand why he picked you. I guess my anxiety revolves around what others think of me. I know I shouldn’t worry or care and I should let things go, but lets face it, we all read and hear when people have terrible things to say about a situation like this.

My feelings of anxiety and insecurity really tie together and make it difficult for me. Some days, I could care less. Some days, aren’t easy and I really worry and keep to myself. I wish it was easier and I wish people were not SO DANG JUDGMENTAL. Unfortunately, that is life. I have been better lately at coming to terms with my life. I don’t want this to make me seem unhappy, because that is NOT the case. I couldn’t ask for more happiness or love than I have at this point in my life. When I am having a bad day and really feeling down, I find that taking deep breaths, taking a shower, getting ready and reminding myself how awesome I am really helps me.

One thing that has helped me is some of the friendships that I have made with a few fellow blogger friends. I find that we have a connection that is different and non judgmental! I really try to surround myself with people who are positive and uplifting, people who are caring and HAPPY. It has made such a difference in my life, but in the end, social anxiety isn’t going to just go away. It is something I have to deal with day by day, moment by moment.

Here is to any other ladies dealing with it…I don’t have answers for you. I don’t have tips. It is something we all have to deal with and embrace in our own ways. Know that not everyone is out to judge you and know that you are doing the best, most amazing that you can possibly do for yourself and your loved ones!


A Letter To My Younger Self

If you could go back in time, would you change anything? I feel like that is a statement we often use “I wish I would have….” “I wish I didn’t”. It haunts us sometimes. I have spent years thinking and pestering over decisions I have and haven’t made. I have been so hard on myself at times.

Since I met Payton, I realized that I wouldn’t change a thing. If things didn’t happen the way they did, I never would never have met him, I wouldn’t have found this amazing love, and I possibly could be without my sweet family. The decisions that I made have led to some really tough lessons, but they were lessons that had to be learned to get to where I am. 

Even though I wouldn’t change a thing, I wish I could have a letter from older me, guiding me on some things. So here goes guys. 

Dear Laura,

I know life has been hard on you, but always remember who you are and where you came from. Don’t stress so hard on earning your father’s love, in the end, he won’t be there for you. Taking everything to heart is something you will always do and trying to find the love he didn’t give you will end in a lot of heartache. Your strength will get you through the times, but many tears will still fall. 
Moving from a large city to a small town may be scary, but it will be worth it. In the small town, you will meet the friends who stand by your side for a lifetime, learn your love of horses and make some of your favorite memories. 

As a child, you and your dad will be close, but as you grow older, your bond will fade and eventually disappear as you grow into adulthood. Don’t let the hurt emotions rule your decision making. Hold tight to the memories he gave you and character he gave you, they mean so much throughout your life and will come into play as an adult and when you find real love. 

Preteen Laura will have some tough lessons. Eighth grade is full of bullying and you will take it with you for a long time. You will learn that being friends with popular kids is not fun and when some are jealous of you, they will go to any extent to hurt you. I am sure some of them are still huge bitches, so let it go. Don’t let it make you feel so self conscious throughout life. Also, this is when you hurt your hip in cheer. Go to the doctor, don’t tough out the pain. A hip replacement in your 30’s will be the result. 

Teenager Laura is a nightmare. Drinking and partying is super unnecessary, give it a break ok? You are so smart and drop all of your honors classes and eventually school, please don’t go down that path. This is when you give up on something that will haunt you through life, riding horses. Don’t do it. Your talent is a once in a lifetime talent, don’t let it go to waste. You will ALWAYS regret this decision. 

And teenage Laura, don’t be so hard on your mom. Someday, you will be very close. Do not push her away when you need her the most. 

Becoming a mother will be so hard for you. Shortly after you find out you are pregnant, you will find out about your boyfriend’s drug addiction. You cannot save him. You should know this ahead of time, or maybe no, you wouldn’t have Makenzee if you would have known. Just know that you CAN do it on your own and you will. 

Let’s talk about married Laura. I always say if i could change one thing, it would be to not have been dumb enough to be in such a controlling and emotionally abusive marriage, but I know without it, I wouldn’t have Caleb, Connor and Keegan. One thing I would tell myself is to not settle on joint custody during the divorce just to escape. It will come back to get you in the future. Know that no matter how low someone makes you feel, you are always enough. 

Finally, current Laura. Gosh, what to tell myself at this point in life. It is complicated and difficult, but never forget how much love you are surrounded by. You have the love and support of the most amazing man in the world, you have 5 beautiful children and an amazing family. Keep on the path you are on, everything is working out amazing.