Family Movie Night With Addams Family

When I divorced my ex husband, I decide to start Friday night family movie and pizza night. Every Friday we do a movie and pizza, no matter what. It was so important for me to give them something to count on when he was not there (and ironically, is not again…eye roll).

Every week we pick a movie to watch and even re watch some of the movies. One of our recent favorites is the new The Addams Family movie! If you are a fan of the original, you can’t miss this animated version! With a family of 7, it can be difficult to find something EVERYONE agrees on and this particular one has been a hit with all of the kids and even such a nostalgic favorite for Payton and me.

One of my favorite parts of The Addams Family movie was how it demonstrated that being unique is okay. With a family full of different personalities, it can be such an important reminders for home life and school life. Not only that, I loved how it should that every family dynamic can be different, but effective which can be so important this day and age. It is a great reminder to not compare ourselves and our lives to those of other people.

The story line really followed the original! It was exciting for me to watch and re-live, as an adult, with my children! Sharing memories from my past in a new and exciting way for them to be entertained is so important to me!

If you haven’t seen The Addams Family from Universal Entertainment, you are missing out! It is super easy to find on Blu Ray or DVD at your local Walmart on shelves or Walmart Online!