DIY Pinecone Ornaments

I hope I am not the only one out there with a toddler who keeps breaking every ornament on the tree! I decided that I was sick of buying ornaments and figured the kids would enjoy doing some fun crafts, so we made our own.

We already had all the supplies which made it really easy! We have pine trees so pinecones are never a short quantity around here.
You will need –
– Thin ribbon
– Hot glue gun
– Pinecones
– Glitter paint
– Table cloth

I sent the kids outside to get a bunch of pinecones while I laid out the table cloth (our table was super not cheap, so I always but the cheap $1 table clothes from Walmart to protect it). One that was done, I cute a bunch of 6″ ish pieces of ribbon and burnt the edge with a lighter to prevent fraying.

Once the pinecones were inside, I used the hot glue gun to loop the ribbon at the top of the pinecones. This easily creates a “hook” to hang the ornaments on my Christmas Tree. I used red ribbon which added a festive Christmasy effect to them that I love. The color you use is totally up to you though.

Next, I gave the kids the glitter glue (scary right?). They used their own creativity to give the pinecones some pretty effects. I did one “example” pinecone for them to see. The kids did some with all colors (red, green, gold and silver) and some with just a couple or only one. They all turned out really pretty.

Once the ornaments were dry, we hung them from out tree branches with our other ornaments. They are the perfect filler ornaments and give our home a really pretty pine tree effect. On top of that, the kids love that they made the ornaments themselves! I love being able to give them a chance to have some fun artwork to show off to their friends and family!

Let me know if you guys make them! I would love to see what your family creates.