How To Make Two Ingredient Dollar Tree Slime

 My kids are huge arts and crafts lovers. The older ones are known for going on YouTube to and finding slime recipes that never really workout for them. That is when I decided to start researching slime and trying out different slime recipes. 

As a mom of 5, I don’t have all day to sit around and measure out slime (which I hate by the way) ingredients and I literally will not do that. So when searching for recipes, I looked for the cheapest ones that required the least amount of ingredients. I came across an online article about slime you can make with only ingredients from Dollar Tree and decided to try it out!

I ran out to Dollar Tree and picked up some cheap conditioner and corn starch. That is it people. You can add food coloring and sparkles or whatever you want, if you want. I had food coloring at home so decided not to buy anymore (why would I want extra of anything the kids can use to destroy stuff). I picked up the cheapest corn starch and Suave conditioner (I got green apple in hopes of good smelling slime), checked out and went home to see how it works. 

The first batch was a total disaster. The article I found had terrible measurements and it turned into a big sticky mess. So I decided to play around with it and see if I could figure out the right amount of ingredients to make this 2 ingredient Dollar Store slime a success. And guess what, it worked!!

So give it a try, promise your kids will love it. Oh, AND, get the good smelling conditioner. It literally makes the slime smell AMAZING! The slime is super soft too!

So now you are getting annoyed, just get to recipe. Am I right? LOL

Here you go!


– In a bowl mix
– 1 cup of conditioner 
– 2 cups of corn starch
– Once you have it all mixed, add a few drops of food coloring if desired. Since I used green apple conditioner, the color was already green and did not require any food coloring! 
And, it keeps well in a plastic bag or wrapped in plastic wrap.

Have fun friends!