Pick Your Party Sweepstakes

*This is a sponsored post. All words and opinions are my own*

Feeling the need to travel? Great news if you are, RITZ, Oreo and Chips Ahoy! have an amazing sweepstakes going on right now. Not only will you be snacking on your favorite snack food, you could win 1 of 4 all-inclusive PARTY trips!

Ok, now the real question, what is the catch? That is always my first question! In this case, it is really an added bonus! You get to enter by purchasing Oreo Party Packs, RITZ Party Packs or Chips Ahoy! Party Packs (http://bit.ly/2NCsLSq). The catch is, snacking on amazing cookies and crackers! And for every PARTY PACK you purchase, you are able to enter.

Next question, how do you go about entering? Entering the Pick Your Party Sweepstakes is not only simple, but fun! By using their fun online method of entering, you get a fun dose of augmented reality! Go online to nabiscoparty.com and follow the instructions. You simply activate the scanner and hold your phone in front of the package! 

Once you have completed the initial scanning, you get to take a fun selfie with your favorite trip’s theme! The filters are so much fun, you can even save the photos to your phone! What’s best is once you take your self, you are directed to another site where you pick your trip and enter to win it! It is as simple and fun as that!

Now, let’s talk PARTY TRIPS! As I stated before, all 4 of the trips are ALL INCLUSIVE!! How amazing, right? 

  • Trip 1 – New Years Eve at the BIGGEST New Years Eve party, in New York City!! Bundle up and get ready for some serious fun! I know I watch NYE in Times Square on TV every year, going would be a blast! 
  • Trip 2 – St Patrick’s Day in the place it all began, Ireland. This trip is definitely the one I would want to win! 
  • Trip 3 – Some serious partying in New Orleans for Mardi Gras. I have never been, but have always thought this would be the ultimate party! 
  • Trip 4 – BRAZIL! That is right, Rio Carnival in Brazil! Is there much else to say besides, YES PLEASE?!

So now, what are you waiting for?! RUN! Enter this sweepstakes ASAP. I found all of my Party Packs at Walmart in the same isle. This is exactly why Walmart is always my go to, everything is so convenient! 

Keep me posted on all your entries! Can’t wait to find out who the big winners are!