Dollar Store Flower

Hey friends! Today I want to share a fun project I did, that cost under $10! Literally, everything I used was from Dollar Tree and I actually found that I over bought.

That is the final look of my quick and easy project. It took approximately 10 minutes to create and Rhett was able to help me. It’s the perfect addition to my desk, let’s hope having something pretty to look at helps me with work 🤣🤣

That is everything that I purchased. I only ended up needing 1.5 bags of the stones, so definitely bought too many of those. I did buy the wire cutters there and used them for this project, but they were terrible! Honestly, more difficult than scissors. In the future, I would raid the toolbox for sharper wire cutters.

Putting it together

First, the foam piece was the smallest they had. I just took a knife and cut it down to fit in the vase. It’s important to go small, the rocks have to fit around it and you don’t want your final project showing any lingering green foam!

I found it easiest to add the flowers with the foam piece outside of the vase. I personally didn’t want too many flowers in it and kept my project simple. You can add as many as you want in whichever colors that you would like. I opted for a pale pink, white and extra greenery.

Next, put some decorative rocks on the bottom of the vase and set your flower filled foam piece on top. Drop your rocks around the foam piece and make sure to hold it in place in the middle. Once the sides on covered and no foam remains visible, cover the top of the foam with rocks. This is the perfect time to have little ones help! Rhett loved adding rocks!

That is it! Now your flower display is ready to be placed. I went with a Valentine’s Day theme and grabbed the heart vase, but Dollar Tree had several different vase options! I will likely make another summery one!

Dollar, dollar, bills y’all. Don’t waste your dollars on expensive crafts and check out what a few GalPals have put together with their dollar store crafts!


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