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Keeping The House Clean: Large Family Addition

Hey guys! Today I am sharing something that charged my life as a mom and person. It’s made my home stay clean and my kids stop annoying me. Sounds unrealistic without selling them, right? Well that isn’t the case!

So what is my secret? It’s accountability. My kids all have chores, but to take out nagging me and me constantly having to remind them what needs to be done, I got out a white board and wrote them a message.

Here is what it reads –

We actually rewrote this recently on a chalkboard which looks much better, but it didn’t photograph well. So basically here it is –

Before you ask “can I?”, ask yourself “have I?”

Have I _________? (They now fill in the blank as they go)

1. Made my bed 2. Brushed my teeth 3. Done my chores 4. Made sure my bathroom is clean 5. Taken care of my dishes 6. Picked up my dirty clothes 7. Cleaned my room – including picking up trash, clothes, toys 8. Made sure the yard is clean (toys and balls picked up) 9. Have been kind, respectful and on good behavior

If they ask to play with friends, on the Play Station, for snacks (food other than main meals), or anything else, they are directed to this list. If the list is not complete and they ask, they are given push-ups along with finishing their chores.

It might not seem like a lot, but this little trick has been so life changing for our home! It’s finally staying clean and tidy and the kids are taking care of their responsibilities!

You are welcome! Hope it works in your home!

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