Flying with a baby

Flying is difficult in general, adding a baby into the mix is extra stress!

I recently traveled alone with Rhett on a late night flight! It was a turn around trip to visit someone who has been a father figure to me for many years and is unfortunately not going to beat the cancer battle. We had to drop my other kids off with their dad’s sitter (an hour and a half away from my house) at 1:30 pm and our flight didn’t leave until 8:30 pm on a Friday! Killing that much time was SO difficult!

SHOPPING! One thing I do well is spending money. So we shopped and then ate before we took off to the airport!

I made a HUGE mistake when flying! I opted to carry Rhett in a baby backpack! It was exhausting and my back was killing me by the time our weekend was over, not to mention having a broken hip. I did check the car seat when I retrieved our tickets (it is free to check for anyone traveling with a baby). I had the nicest person assisting me who advised me that it is free to also take a stroller! You can push it all the way to the gate and check it there like valet parking! AMAZING! Next time I will do that!


I was super worried about this!! I didn’t know the regulations or what is allowed! I emptied all bottles before going through security and carried small packets of formula that were pre-measured and sealed. It worked so well and was super easy to make bottles on the plane! I did immediately get through security and buy a bottle of water. As soon as the plane started boarding, I made his “take-off bottle”! A friend on Instagram recommended it! MIRACLE worker! It prevented his ears from getting plugged and put him right to sleep.


I opted to have Rhett fly as a lap child. It went really well for me, I think if he was in his own seat, he would be trying to escape. Bigger bonus, it is free this way 🙂


Rolling luggage was the way to go for me. I paid extra to check it. I felt as a mom, traveling alone with a baby, this would be the easiest way (plus I checked the car seat so had to hit baggage claim). I was able to easily pull my suitcase with the car seat draped over the top of the handle! It works AMAZINGLY well! I was so proud of myself for discovering it!


I carried a diaper bag that is a backpack style. I love this one by Hafmall! It has TONS of pockets and storage areas! The backside has an easy access zipper. I kept my wallet in there so I was able to easily and quickly get to it without worrying about someone stealing anything! Any it is really trendy and matched my outfit so I liked that part even more!


Do not forget to get a bottle of water to make baby bottles (unless you are a nursing mother)
Make sure you EAT! Traveling is exhausting!
Stop to use the restroom! You do not want to try to on the plane with the baby if you don’t have to!
Take the stroller all the way to the gate! They have it waiting for you when you get off the plane!
Do not stress if your baby is fussy! Totally normal! Traveling is exhausting for little ones! So much over stimulation!

I can imagine that every time I travel, I will learn new tricks! Luckily, we drive most places! Although, I can’t wait for our next trip and hope we it is longer and for leisure next time!

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