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My Detox Tea Trial

**This is a sponsored post. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience**

Have you ever wondered what detox tea really does? How does it make you feel? Do you really drop pounds?

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Payton and I recently did a 28 day detox trial. I did a bit of research before starting and saw that there were a few options on how to do it. Some people drink it only in the morning (not for me, I need coffee), some people drink it in the morning AND at night (I am super sensitive, I would likely shit constantly), and others do only at night (perfect for me). Nights was the only logical option for us both. And it was really nice to sit down together after the kids went to bed and have a nice cup of tea.

So I was initially a bit worried about stomach issues with the detox tea as I know it is also considered a colon cleanse. I have heard of people getting really upset stomachs with it and me being hypersensitive to EVERYTHING, I knew it could be a possibility for me. Surprising enough, I had ZERO issues. It was really light and smooth on my system which I love!

Another concern was the taste! Was is going to be strong and bitter? Would I want to add sugar or honey? I really am trying to steer clear of sugars so it was a pretty big concern for me! Not the case at all with this! It was surprisingly really good! I enjoyed the light flavors! It is a cinnamon and orange mixture that is really light and GOOD! Because don’t we all prefer to sit down and actually ENJOY a cup of tea!

So now lets talk about what it did for me! Did I drop a ton of weight? No. But, I don’t have a ton of weight to drop, I am super thin already. What i did drop was a TON of BLOAT! I constantly have so many digestion issues. No matter what I eat, I struggle with tons of indigestion and bloating. About a week into my detox tea, I noticed that the bloating had dropped drastically! I no longer had to unbutton my pants after a meal! My total weight loss was about 3 lbs, so some did drop. 
One of my favorite things about the Total Tea was I didn’t notice a huge increase in bowl movements. As I said before, I was super worried about that! It did give me an overall feeling of feeling GOOD! With less bloating, more energy, I have more drive to accomplish things! Blogs, pictures, house work, laundry, you name it! Detox tea has helped me so much! 
This all being said, my journey with detox tea is far from over! I am so thankful that I was able to find one that I truly love!! I will absolutely be continuing the Total Tea Detox Tea!! If you are interested in checking them out here is a direct link to their pages. And here is a link to their detox tea on Amazon!
**I also want to mention that Payton is a HUGE fan too! Being really strict in his KETO diet, this detox tea was perfect for him since it is a keto friendly detox tea! He also noticed an increase of energy, less bloating and some weight loss! Looks like our evening detox tea time will continue!