Easy Cheese Charcuterie Board

Happy National Cheese Day friends! I had a few cheesy recipes I was thinking of sharing, but decided to stick with my favorite way to eat cheese, on a cheese board!

The best part of a cheese board is there isn’t really a recipe to follow! You can really take any meats, cheeses, and/or jellies (I ALWAYS add the jelly and sauce) and throw them all on a tray. I love making my charcuterie boards on my favorite bamboo cutting board. Something about the presentation makes me extra happy when I eat it.

This particular board was really last minute. I mixed up the crackers and used Cheddar Crisps. They are the best cheese only crackers! So perfect for National Cheese Day and a cheese charcuterie board. The second cracker I used was a rye cranberry cracker! It was a great combo. Next, I picked my meats. I literally used only what we had in the fridge – pepperoni, salami, and lunchmeat (ham). I always have a ton of cheeses so this was east to add. I used cranberry brie, Jarlsberg, mustard poppy seed brie and a hard Munster block. I found some sun dried tomatoes in the fridge and threw those on the edge of my creations and then grabbed the berries. I had grapes and blackberries which were the perfect combination. Jams are really optional, but I LOVE sauce so I added a few. One was a pineapple jalapeƱo, another was a mustard and the last was a blackberry jam.

That is it y’all! I just placed them around the board until I felt it looked presentable and then enjoyed with some kombucha! Perfect filling snack and such a great way to celebrate National Cheese Day! Hope everyone enjoys!

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