Date Night At Home

Quarantine sucks for dating anyone, especially your spouse. We already neglected date night so with covid, it’s been even worse! With 5 kids, it can be difficult to make time, even at home, for just us.

Winter has made it colder, but we love bundling up by our fire pit and bringing our gym tv outside on the rolling cart. We can order movies, binge watch out favorite shows or just cuddle up with hot chocolate and a fire!

The most important part, is making time for us. I wish we had time to do it more often, but it’s extremely rare that the kids don’t have something, Payton isn’t working or I don’t have school work of blogs that need to be done!

The tv outside is such a perfect option. I can even sit there and do schoolwork if needed! Our backyard is set up wonderfully with bulb lights, fairy lights.

Do you try to do date night at home?

I’ve teamed up with other bloggers to bring more date night at home ideas! Be sure to check out all their blog posts for ideas to keep date night going at home!







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