Kids Halloween Charcuterie Board

With Halloween possibly looking different for my kids this year, I wanted to do something fun for them. I teamed up with some other bloggers to share some spooky and sweet treat ideas and figured a charcuterie board would be exciting. It was so simple to throw together, the kids were even able to help.

What Did I Use

The most important thing to remember is that you can literally use whatever you want to make this. For the one I made I picked up several things from the store: mini oranges, pretzel sticks, candy eyeballs, Oreos (looked high and low for orange filled, but it’s apparently not a thing this year), Reece’s Pieces, candy corn, cheese puffs, popcorn (I did a mic of white cheddar and caramel). All of the items were easily located at the grocery store, the biggest struggle was keeping them away from the kids until the day I made the board.

Putting The Charcuterie Board Together

This is where the kids came into play. I let them help me grab some handfuls of everything and put it in piles. We peeled the oranges and used a pretzel stick to replicate a stem and placed them sporadically around the board. We broke 3 pretzel sticks in half per Oreo and used them as legs, putting 3 on each side. Ones we had the “spiders” created, we added our candy eyeballs to bring them to life.


Finally, the kids were able to dig in! I did take it to the kitchen table so nothing was dropped. They all gathered around and cleared everything in the charcuterie board!

Other Spooky Ideas

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