Win Real Prizes With Clawee App

A claw arcade game you can play in the comfort of your own home? It was an instant win for me! Clawee App not only lets you play the claw game from your phone, you get the prizes shipped right to your door as well!

But how? I am sure you are asking that question! It’s so easy you guys! Just download the game here and start playing. It’s a live game that you are controlling from your phone. It is so much fun and the fact that the prizes arrive to your doorstep is even better!

And if for some reason you decide you don’t want the prize you won, you can always exchange it for coins that let you keep playing for more.

New prizes are added every day with tons to choose from.

There are daily challenges, as well as endless offers, coupons, and events. If have VIP, you get access several other features, like free prize shipping, 7 daily bonuses and more.

Just download the app and start playing for yourself! You will thank me later! If you purchase coins, be sure to use my code “LAURA20” for extra coins!