The Ultimate Backyard Summer Movie Setup

I have teamed up with a few other bloggers to share movie date night ideas! I have modified mine a bit to be date night or family movie night! Be sure to scroll to the bottom to check out everyone else’s movie date night ideas!

Let’s face it, quarantine or not, movie theaters with the entire family is expensive and a hassle. When we decided to figure out an outdoor setup for the family, covid wasn’t a thing, we knew we wanted fall football parties and the TV in our garage gym as well. So we came up with the idea of finding a rolling TV cart. In comes Amazon. Here is the link for the rolling TV cart we used.

Once we got our rolling TV cart all set up, we called our cable provider (Direct Tv) and added an extra cable box to our plan. With this box, it doesn’t require hardwire and runs on WiFi so it can easily be moved from garage to outside. The TV we use is a Smart Tv and has any app we could ever want on it so Netflix and Amazon can be streamed from our backyard as well. As you can see in the photos of the TV cart, it has a shelf on the bottom that holds our outdoor PlayStation and cable box. What isn’t pictured is the back of the cart has another shelf which is perfect to hold remotes and hang out outdoor extension cord from.

As far as setting up your outdoor TV, that is all you need. Now you can easily roll it outside (we even go across decomposed granite with ours).

Next is ambiance. This was extremely difficult to photograph so I will just give you some details.

We are lucky enough to live on a large lot (.5 an acre) with a few trees. We found battery operated fairy lights at Home Depot and strung them around our gazebo poles and around most of the trees in our yard. It was extremely cheap and an easy way to give some light off.

Next, we ran to At Home and found outdoor string globe lights and put them around the outside of the back of our home. Once the sun starts going down we plug them in, these are plug in style similar to Christmas lights, but little globes.

I had planned to replace our gazebo cover by now (my son kicked a football through it), but we decided to wait until after monsoons.

As far as backyard setup, that is really up to you. We plan to entertain more when covid is over so we have tons of lights, decor and seating areas. For our kid free movie nights (perfect at home date night), we lay in our lounge chairs. The rolling TV cart is perfect since we can move where we put the tv.

For family movie night, we set up in the grass. Everyone grabs a blanket and some popcorn, we move our chair pillows to the blanket and all enjoy our time! If you are in Arizona, I recommend citronella!

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