Self Love A-Z – Describing Myself In 26 Word

This week, my blogging group has decided that our topic is going to be describing ourselves using the letters of the alphabet. For each letter, we will find a word that correlates with it. I found this topic especially difficult, even though I am working on self love, really sitting down and doing this is an entirely different story. This is something I have struggled with for years, an emotionally abusive marriage left me with a battered and torn self esteem.

So here it goes friends, are you ready?

A – Appreciative 
A is for appreciative. I know it isn’t exactly the best descriptive word, but it means a lot to me to be thankful and realize what other people selflessly do in my times of need. Not only that, I am so appreciative of the life I live and am able to live, it is so much of who I am.

B – Beautiful

I understand and I know how generic that answer is. I really wanted each of my words to be unique and really make you think. That being said, realizing that I am beautiful in my own way has been a HUGE struggle for me. To be at a point in life where I can see the things that are beautiful about myself is so important.

C – Courageous

This is another one that hasn’t always been easy for me. As a child and a teenager, I held so much courage, nothing scared me, nothing intimidated me. After my marriage, I was so battered and torn down mentally, I realized how my mindset had changed. To know now how hard life has been the last 10 years, and how I have handled it with so much courage, strengthens me even more now.

D – Damaged

I mean this is the best way possible. I am damaged, but I have used it to mold myself into what I believe is a good person who cares greatly about others and believes in herself.

E – Eager

I am eager about so much, the future, growing, learning – you name it.

F- Faithful 

I pride myself in knowing that I am not only faithful to myself and my beliefs, I am faithful to my friends and in my relationship.

G – Generous

I have, and will always be, the type of person that would give the shirt off my own back. If I had one sandwich and someone else hadn’t eaten, I would give mine to them.

H – Happy

This one, wow. It is so very basic, but so in-depth for me. It has taken a tremendous amount of time
to say that I am truly and genuinely happy with myself and my life.

I – Important

Sometimes, as a stay at home mom, it can be difficult to remember and feel this, but at the end of the day, I know how important I am to so many people.

J – Jubilant

I haven’t always been proud of myself or where I am at in life, but this word perfectly describes how I feel about me and my family.

K – Kindhearted

This one is important to me. I have always been extremely kindhearted and caring towards others and their needs.

L – Lively

I have times where I am such an introvert, but at the same time, I can be so lively and fun! It is one of my favorite things about myself.

M – Mother

Generic again, I know, but it is so much of who I am and what is important to my in life.

N – Nourishing

I feel like this just goes along with being a mom. 

O – Open Minded

In a world full of close minded people, I take a sense of pride in knowing that this is part of who I am. I have friends and family from all walks of life and love and respect them for who they are and who they pick to be.

P – Perfectionist

Heyyyyy….Virgo here, enough said.

Q – Quiet

If you knew me, really knew me, you would know what I mean by this. Quiet is my favorite time. I love waking up early in the morning and taking moments in quiet to reflect on my upcoming day and just to be.

R – Radiant

I believe, really believe, when someone is truly happy in life, their radiance shines and shows. In my eyes, this is how I see myself.

S – Simple

Many probably don’t know this if they don’t really know me. Behind a keyboard, people get such different ideas about you, does that make sense? I am the girl who thrift shops, loves home made meals, makes crafts and wants to stay home 90% of the time. I never pay full price for clothes, if it isn’t on the sale rack at TJ Maxx or Ross, I am not getting it (LOL).

T – Transparent

I am not someone who tries to hide their past or who they really are. I am an open book.

U – Unafraid

This goes in line with many others already listed. This is who I am now that I have regained my confidence.

V – Vigorous

Over time, I have become a person who is mentally strong in the things I do. I take so much pride in this.

W – Worthy

Something I doubted myself in at a point in life. I know know and believe, I AM WORTHY.

X – Xenodochial

I had to look this letter up. I found this not only describes me well, but some dogs as well. Random, I know, but true.

Y – Youthful 

I will forever feel like I am younger than I am. Is time going by too quickly or do I have too young of mentality?

Z – Zesty

Kinda like salsa, but in human form.

I have to admit, that was more fun than I had expected! Have you ever sat down and tried to come up with one word for each letter in the alphabet to describe something? If so, reach out to me and share it with me!

– Laura

Published by Not Ur Average Mom Of 5

Most importantly, I am a mother of 5. I don't have your typical happily ever after family. I am divorced (one of those nasty messy ones), I have way too many bills (don't we all) and I really don't have any interesting hobbies (wasn't always that way, I grew up riding horses) I am in a relationship with the love of my life and my happily ever after. He is the most amazing and loving person I have ever met. Payton deals with my crazy life and family and embraces is with so much love and support. He is the BEST dad and father figure I know). He is an Engineer for our local fire department and that is HARD. I honestly am so proud of him and so proud of what he does BUT I HATE his job, I hate nights away and I hate the time it takes from our family. People don't realize how difficult it is. At the end of the day, I am so thankful for him and our life together, I can't wait to spend forever with him. My kids....they are terrorists. Seriously. I grew up as an only girl out of 4 total kids. I always wanted 4 kids - 2 girls and 2 boys. Well, the big man upstairs had other plans! I am bless with one daughter and four sons. My daughter is the oldest. Makenzee Adele is 11, going on 18. She is smart and hardworking and LOVES school. Caleb is next. He is 9 and so loving. He works really hard in school and loves baseball. Next is Connor. He is 7 and very advanced in school. He hates doing any school work and has the silliest personality and can light up a room. Connor plans to play professional football for the Arizona Cardinals when he grows up. Moving forward is Keegan. I had the worst pregnancy with him. I had Hyperemisis Gravidum and was on home IV and Zofran for the majority of the pregnancy. He was born healthy and is 4 and a wonderful boy who causes more trouble than necessary (he was recently diagnosed with Autism and ADHD). Lastly is Rhett. He is the baby and loves getting treated like he is. He was born April 5 (I am seriously not changing the months constantly) and LOVES cuddles possibly more than his dad. So that is a bit about me and my family! Subscribe to my blog to read more about my WILD ride!!

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