Hands On Family Fun With Allessimo Puzzles

*This post is sponsored by Allessimo Puzzles. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

Anyone else not a fan of electronics for kids? If I am in a room with someone asking this questions, my hand is FLYING in the air. When, and if, Keegan gets any screen time, he completely zones in on it and life turns into a literal nightmare (Yay, autism!). We decided that it really shows how none of them should have screen time and VERY limited television time. So, now what do we do with our free time? Lots of reading, outdoor play, board games and hands on activities. Which makes  Allessimo Puzzles a HUGE hit in our house.

Have you heard of Allessimo Puzzles before? If not let me give you a quick run down on their puzzles. Allessimo Puzzles are 3D puzzles that your children (or you) get to build and paint all on their own! All parts are included in each box, along with the directions, paint and paintbrush. There are tons of different buildable objects so everyone is able to pick something different! These puzzles are a perfect STEM activity for our home!

So how exactly do they work?

First thing, they are approved for ages 5 and up. Keegan is 5 and did require help building his puzzles. He was able to paint them completely on his own. Building them was very easy and a great way for me to get him to follow the directions and see the outcome of following directions. This can be a huge struggle for us with Keegan. With Autism, comes him wanting to do things his way or no way. Allessimo Puzzles is helping him realize that he does have to bend on this a bit.

So how are the pieces packaged?

There are typically 2 wooden boards in your box. The wooden boards contain cut out pieces that become your object when all put together. Our first one to do, was Keegan’s favorite, a dinosaur! It was easy to follow the steps to connect all of the pieces and that brought our dinosaur to life! Allessimo Puzzles very obviously took their time creating these puzzles, making sure each one has pieces that perfectly fit together and end in an exciting masterpiece for the kids.

As if building your own 3D puzzles isn’t exciting enough, it is paintable as well! I set up a white table cloth (I typically keep several of these on hand for projects), opened the paint, grabbed an old cloth and a cup of water and set the table up for Keegan to paint his Allessimo Puzzle. He LOVED it. It was funny to watch because he talked to himself as he painted, I thought it was the cutest act ever.

Once Keegan perfected his dinosaur, we set it up in his room for him to have on display for all of his visitors. His best friend, who doubles as our neighbor, came over and loved Keegan’s creations. Keegan was so proud, he decided to give it to his best friend!! How ADORABLE is that?

RUNNN and get these! Even if you do allow screen time, they are perfect for any family and hands on activities that help with moto skills, patience and following directions, is a win for any family!!

Make sure you tag me on Instagram is your family creates their own Allessimo 3D Puzzles!!


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