Noturaverage Simple Ways To Make Self Care A Priority

Let’s face it, sometimes as moms, when we are busy and overwhelmed, self care is the first thing we push to the back burner. Why do we do this? Why do fail to realize that putting ourselves last is really putting everyone else last as well. Our natural instinct, as care givers, is to put other people’s needs in front of our own. What we don’t realize is how we are hurting EVERYONE by doing this.

A mom who is extra tired, feeling down, unfit, eating unhealthy or mentally strained needs a refresh. Putting yourself first, in regulation, helps you have the energy and strength to take care of everyone else! Think of it this way, when you take the time to eat healthy foods that fuel your body and not fast food, how much better do you feel? I have to say, I spent many years not caring what I put into my body! I recently started making it a priority, in simple easy ways, and WOW! The change is insane.

So, I have decided to put together 10 super simple and attainable ways to take care of yourself. These are things you can quickly and easily do every day that will not only make you feel better emotionally, but help you physically as well.

1. As mentioned already, food is key! Really, I know processed foods and a quick bite when out seems like the simpler option. WRONG! These foods are harder for your body to digest! You are assisting in exhausting your self EVERYDAY you eat these foods. Two times a week, I meal prep EASY and healthy foods for myself. I procrastinated doing this for YEARS, why? Literally, pure laziness. I felt meal prepping took longer. I was so wrong and if you are living this way, you are too.

When meal prepping, I not only prep my lunches, but I pre-prep veggies for dinner and to go with my breakfasts!

2. Wake up early. Seriously? YES! I wake up before my kids every day! I sit down and make myself a daily to-do list or take a look at our weekly/monthly list and see what I can do to get it done. Crossing things off of a list is soooo satisfying for me (VIRGO here). If this isn’t a huge deal to you, think of it this way, getting things done and seeing your progress is SO important for mindset. Trust me, starting your day off organized, will make you feel way better.

3. Daily affirmations are a real thing. Ok, Laura in the past, would read this and call whoever is writing this dumb. I am serious, that is how small minded and unbelieving I was in the power of positivity. WRONG again I was. Every morning, before the kids get up, after I work on my lists, I made a new list. This list is positive thoughts about myself and things I am thankful for. When everything is going wrong, which is all the time if you are me, it is important to remind yourself of these things. I do it daily to start off in the right frame of mind.

4. Make sure to get some sort of exercise in. This is a huge struggle for me. When I don’t work out, I don’t feel as good and being under a year in on a total hip replacement (leading to hives and autoimmune disease) has made this IMPOSSIBLE some days. Even on those days I try to do something, anything, to get myself moving a bit. When I am in a bad flare, I do just a bit of core work or arms only. Your workout does not have to be hours long and this huge sweat sesh! I try to get my workouts done in the morning when Payton is working, on his days off, we like to work out in the evening together. My workouts are SHORT. I do not over push my body because of my health issues, but I DO get it moving! Sometimes I do only a mile on the bike or treadmill. Some days I take the kids to the park and chase them around. I have to say, my favorite workouts are my kid free ones, but no matter what, I do SOMETHING.

5. Get up and get ready everyday. Do not sit in your pajamas, this will never help you feel motivated. Get dressed! It doesn’t have to be fancy or special or anything. Some days, my getting dressed is yoga pants and a big shirt, some days its a super cute outfit. No matter what I get dress, I brush my hair, I do my makeup, I get ready! Trust me, this will make you feel so much better, even if you do not plan to leave the house.

6. Girl, Wash Your Face. No really, I know we all love the book, but I  mean this, WASH your face. Put lotion on every night. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF, skin included. Make it a routine to wash the day away before bed every night and morning. You won’t regret this one.

7. Speaking of the book, read it, and other books! You don’t have to read for hours a day either. Just read a chapter, or a few pages, whatever you can do. Set your phone down and FEED your mind. It is so good to step away for a bit and get lost in a book. And no, it does not have to be a self help style book! I love mysteries and read them ALL the time!

8. Say “no” to people! This one is hard for me, REALLY hard for me. I naturally want to help everyone and it, at one point in my life, was impossible to say no to anyone. Maybe that is how I ended up on such an abusive marriage? Who knows. When I finally started loving myself and putting myself and my needs on the radar, I started finding it easier to say “no” when I just can’t.

9. Have some alone time. I know all of you aren’t stay at home moms like myself. I used to work full time (up until my hip replacement, April 2019) and even that was stressful and didn’t give me time alone. The “away” time was full of work pressures. Time to yourself can seem impossible, I know, I don’t even go to the grocery store alone anymore! But it doesn’t have to be out of the house! Take a bath, get your workout in, wake up early, whatever you find the best way is, do it!! Even if it is just scrolling Pinterest alone for an hour!

10. LOVE YOURSELF. Let me say it again, love you! I don’t feel I need to really tell you why this is important and I can’t tell you how to do this. You have to find a way to realize just how amazing and special you are. DO IT!

So I know, 10 things to do everyday seems like a lot, right? It isn’t. Some of these take just a few minutes. A few minutes that you will spend on Instagram (ME), a few minutes that you will sit in an unhealthy state of mind stressing (AGAIN, ME), a few minutes that you will blankly stare at the TV (ME, AGAIN). Take the time and DO IT! It takes 30 days to create a habit, make you your habit.


Published by Not Ur Average Mom Of 5

Most importantly, I am a mother of 5. I don't have your typical happily ever after family. I am divorced (one of those nasty messy ones), I have way too many bills (don't we all) and I really don't have any interesting hobbies (wasn't always that way, I grew up riding horses) I am in a relationship with the love of my life and my happily ever after. He is the most amazing and loving person I have ever met. Payton deals with my crazy life and family and embraces is with so much love and support. He is the BEST dad and father figure I know). He is an Engineer for our local fire department and that is HARD. I honestly am so proud of him and so proud of what he does BUT I HATE his job, I hate nights away and I hate the time it takes from our family. People don't realize how difficult it is. At the end of the day, I am so thankful for him and our life together, I can't wait to spend forever with him. My kids....they are terrorists. Seriously. I grew up as an only girl out of 4 total kids. I always wanted 4 kids - 2 girls and 2 boys. Well, the big man upstairs had other plans! I am bless with one daughter and four sons. My daughter is the oldest. Makenzee Adele is 11, going on 18. She is smart and hardworking and LOVES school. Caleb is next. He is 9 and so loving. He works really hard in school and loves baseball. Next is Connor. He is 7 and very advanced in school. He hates doing any school work and has the silliest personality and can light up a room. Connor plans to play professional football for the Arizona Cardinals when he grows up. Moving forward is Keegan. I had the worst pregnancy with him. I had Hyperemisis Gravidum and was on home IV and Zofran for the majority of the pregnancy. He was born healthy and is 4 and a wonderful boy who causes more trouble than necessary (he was recently diagnosed with Autism and ADHD). Lastly is Rhett. He is the baby and loves getting treated like he is. He was born April 5 (I am seriously not changing the months constantly) and LOVES cuddles possibly more than his dad. So that is a bit about me and my family! Subscribe to my blog to read more about my WILD ride!!

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